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   Alright, here is the warning again, this will have spoiler's! If you don't like them, or havn't seen the movie yet, stop reading now!

I do hate being the bad guy, but I hate people that complain about a review of a movie saying that thery are spoilers, after the warning has been made already…

Anyway, Alice in Wonderland…

I went to the midnight showing, and decided to get there an entire hour earlier, having gone to this same theater for the New Moon premiere


Alright, here is the second part of the blog about signs. This will finish them up for this time at least until I find more that I can share with everyone. Have fun!

Please comment I would love the feedback 😀

If it is not in use, then why is it there?

if there is a sign, is there not already a problem?

invisible what? People?

hahaha wow

where are we not supposed to swim?

where am I supposed to park my flying car?

what to say about this one...?


to..ease congestion?

keep left...when there is a huge hole there?

have fun with this one

hahaha wow

evil construction workers..

even though this is not a sign, it is still amazing

how do I get in?

better hope it is not to serious

I am glad they made it plain

watch out for those dangerous gravestones

All customer complaints should be taken care of this way

I hope they have a cell phone

Thanks to whoever made this bilboard

poor cockroaches...:(

what is this gate guarding?!

does this guy still have his job?

bummer, I wanted to cross when cars were moving

does the local trafic have flying cars?

only in America

but...I don't speak dog!

but I already gave my arm and leg last time I got gas!

can buggies go 55?

fine failure

Ok, so I was on Twitter, and there was a trending topic of pointless signs. This gave me an idea to go around collecting amazing signs and to put them in a two part post for all my readers. So I found them, and here they are along with my comments to each of them.


is rain supposed to be dry?


my car will be fine though...

my car is supposed to work underwater thought

good luck figuring it out

I won't trespass on this property

it is a traffic light tree!

But I wanted to jump in the toxic waste!

this makes me want to throw a stone at it

haha wow


only in America

is this person dislexic?

where is the snow here?

I hope that people understand this sign

what do I need to obey?

isn't the bridge being out more important?

which sign do I follow?

we need a sign to let us know about a sign?

so if you need access, then you can get through?


really? I couldn't tell

Parking for a drive through pharmacy?

penguines? are they the ones from Madagascar?

it is the other left?

I thought it was purple!


which one do I follow?

which way is the one way?

haha nice


so..if nothing happened then why is there a plaque


Hello Blogging World!!

This is my first blog ever so be nice 🙂

My name is Nicole and here are some quick facts about me: I am a college student in my junior year and I am studying Advertising. I hope to create memorable, but effective commercials. Similar in quality to superbowl commercials, but have them for everyday viewing. Lets see what else…oh yeah, I am being introduced to many different fantasy worlds all at once. Such as Harry Potter, and Twilight. My friends thought that I could not live without being exposed to them. I am a self proclaimed nerd and geek. I love playing with computers though my favorite OS is Snow Leopard, that is until mac’s new one comes out 🙂 I love to talk to anyone who will put up with me about Lord of the Rings and Star Wars and anything technical related, just as long as it does not get to much into computer science stuff. That is where I get lost.

Well world, I must get back to studying for my Communication Theory midterm that is on Wednesday, but if you are reading this, please comment and let me know that I am not just rambling on in cyberspace 🙂 Also follow me if you actually can understand what I am talking about and somehow enjoy it.

Until next time!


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