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Ok, so to all my readers out there who are twihards, or even those who are just sightly interested in the series, this post is for you.

As I might have mentioned in a previous post, I have only been introduced to the series for about 3-4 weeks. In that time frame, I have read all the books, watched Twilight, and then went to see New Moon at the midnight showing. All that is to say, that I might be slightly obsessed and a huge fan. 🙂

So, me and 5 other friends got tickets for the midnight showing of New Moon, and eagerly counted down the days until Thursday night 11/19. (I even downloaded a app for my ipod that was a New Moon countdown) We decided that we wee going to leave around 9:30 to get good seats for the movie that started at 12:01. It was a good decision since by the time we got thee around 10, there was a line to get into the theater, and there was not 6 seats together to be found anywhere. We ended up having to sit 3 and 3 which wasn’t that bad. So, for the next two hours, we hung out, ogled over some posters that were in the lobby, and stood in line for popcorn and pop for 20 minutes.

Finally it got to where we had twenty minutes left. We decided ahead of time that we were going to play the final countdown song as soon as it got to the last 6 minutes left, and then verbally countdown the last 30 seconds.

Finally the movie started..

What can I say about it as a general statement?


So you want to to know more details? Well here is what I liked and didn’t like in the movie. I might choose to pass over things that other people might make a huge deal about, but hey, this is my opinion right?


Opening scene-this scene totally shows that Chris has read the book and totally understands what it is about. The first thing you see following the Summit icon, is a full golden moon. then you see the moon startig to wane and as it does, the new moon title appears in the blackness left behind by the disappearing moon. What you end up seeing is the gold colored New Moon title.

Minor changes to characters- Alright, there are a lot of things in this category. First thing in my mind is that Rob Pattinson has totally nailed Edward’s iconic smirk. The wigs are soo much better than in Twilight. They look alot more natural and are just better in general. Also on the topic of hair, Rob’s hair is so much better because he doesn’t have a wig, but uses his usual hair. But if you have been watching any of the interviews with him, then you already know this.

Volturi- ok one word to say about these guys…AMAZING!!!!!!! They are exactly as I pictured them, and each of the actors, when they are on screen or delivering lines totally owns the shot. Oh yeah, and to get more specific, Michael Sheen as Aro…! Yeah I am still in shock of amazement over what he did with that character. He totally played up on the fact that Aro, at least used to be a gentleman, but no has this evil nature that he attempts to cover. All I know for sure is that whenever he came on screen, the red eyes, the black cape, and the way he talked gave me chills down my spine.

Flashback to Carlisles past: Ok, so if you have read the book, you know that Edward shows Bella the different pictures in Carlisle’s office. Well to portray it in the movie, this is what they did. You cut to a scene where you see Bella and Edward in front of a painting that looks like it is from the 17th century. As you hear Edward telling Bella about the painting, the camera zooms toward it, and you get sucked into it. Inside the painting, you get a little bit of a back story of the Volturi, and a little bit of Carlisle’s background with the Volturi.

Charlie/Jasper/Emmett’s lines: So, in Twilight these were definitely not prominent characters. They take a bigger role in this movie and totally take over the shot whenever they are on screen. Charlie is amazing in this movie, sorry I am not very good with remembering actor names unless I am totally into them. Jasper in this movie is amazing! He doesn’t have that that many lines, probably only like 3-4 lines in the entirety of the movie, but they way they were delivered, and the lines themselves were very epic. And last but not least, Emmett. Like Jasper, Emmett does not have a lot of lines either, but they are genius

cgi: So since the movie basically centers around shape-shifters, you have to have a good element of cgi elements. I personally think that they did a great job on this aspect. Especially the scene when Jacob Black changes in the air. It is a very amazing affect.


Car: Ok, so what about stupid shiny Volvo owner do the people at Volvo not understand? Why does Edward have a  black SUV Volvo? I know it does not have a lot of screen time, but still, Edward needs to have his shiny volvo. I mean c’mon, if you have read the books, you know that Edward loves his sports cars, so why would he be driving a SUV?

Alice’s costumes: Isn’t she supposed to be shopping in Paris and not her Grandmother’s closet? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love Alice, but her costumes in this movie…..yeah just look at the pictures

Edward’s eyes: So, I thought when the Cullen’s didn’t eat, their eyes turned black…Why are Edward’s eyes still golden when he was in Volterra. If you have read the book, then you know that he was starving himself because he was going to die anyway so his eyes should have been black.

Alice’s vision: Bella as vampire: What to say about this scene. We see this scene in the Volturi’s tower just before Alice, Bella, and Edward leave. Aro touches Alice, and is therefore able to read her thoughts. She chooses to show him a vision of Bella and Edward running through the forest to show him that Bella will eventually be a vampire. My problem with this scene, is the costumes. I don’t see either one of the characters wearing these clothes.

Ending: I am glad that they had the proposal in the movie, but where was Bella’s answer?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I am ll for the dramatic ending, but did it really have to cut to black that fast?! I was honestly hyperventilating when the credits started to roll.

Well that is my review. Feel free to leave comments, they would be appreciated.

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