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Ok, so I was realizing that I had not made a post in a while, so I am coming out of my sleep deprived, test fogged brain state to write a new one for you guys.

I have no idea how much anyone has read or had been following about the British Airlines going on strike, but yesterday, at least I think it was, the British airlines went on a complete strike. I am not sure what about, or what they are wanting…I probably should go research that….but they are not operational at this point. I first heard about it because I follow Tom Felton, the British actor who plays Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter, on Twitter. he tweeted earlier in the day that he was stuck in the airport because his flight might be canceled. Then about an hour later, he tweeted again that he was definitely stuck because British airlines had gone on strike and how there was no way he could get to Miami now. Of course I felt for him in his situation…

Then to top that whole twitter news source off, I also follow the website (which is one of the best websites ever might I add) and this is what they tweeted a few hours ago putting in their comment about the strike. “I hope plenty of postmen were intending to fly British Airways this Christmas. See how they like it.” I thought that was genius and thought I needed to share.

Second topic, finals and the end of semester. Those who are in college or who remember that time in their life should remember the experience of this time of the year….You are excited about the holiday season, going home to see your family, and of course the semester ending, but you just wish it did not have to come with final projects and exams. This is where I am at right now. It is driving me crazy. I am taking 18 credits this fall, and our exam schedule starts…well tomorrow morning actually, and goes until Friday. So we have all semester to freak out, and then it is over in the span of three days. Am I the only one who finds this odd? Oh well.

So….because it is the last few days, I cannot think of anything else to talk about at this point, so I will sign off for now. I hope my readers have a Merry Christmas and enjoy the time with their families. I will post again after the new years…so Happy New Year as well 😀

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