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Ok, so not much has happened in the last few days except for Thanksgiving, watching some amazing movies, namely The Proposal, and The Ugly Truth, picking out a song for an upcoming musical audition, and just general lounging.

So, the main reason behind this new blog is to show two amazing pictures that I found. The first one I got from the amazing Josh Groban. He posted a tweet a few weeks back from his hotel room. The caption that he put with it was “Do you ever get the feeling that you are being watched?” I decided that I needed to take this picture and share it with everyone simply because of its sheer awesomeness.

So and then I found another one. When I was blogging about New Moon in a previous post, I was looking for different pictures on Google to help illustrate different things. Well if you read that blog, you will see that I have the title screen of New Moon. When I searched for the image, I got a lot of pictures of the moon, some stills from the movie, and then I got something totally unexpected. And it is something that needs to be shared with you as well.

So what does this picture have anything to do with New Moon? I have no idea whatsoever. I didn’t go to the website to see what the page was about that this picture was on, but I was just in shock from seeing this picture in the search.

Ok, so that is about it for this blog, but leave comments if you read this blog so I know that I am at least somewhat interesting with the things I am writing out here. Until next time!

Quick update on this since it is not enough information to go into one post by itself, but I was looking through the latest tweets of David Slade who is the director Eclipse, and he had tweeted this picture along with the caption, “there should be fines issued for this kind of photoshop abuse” I am not sure that I agree, though it makes total sense. But I did know I had to share this with everyone…so here it is…:D

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