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Friday night, me and two of my friends went to see a play called Me & My Dick put on by the same people who made A Very Potter Musical (which is amazing and available to watch on Youtube) star kid productions! We are such huge fans of AVPM, that we decided to make t-shirts to express our love for the musical, and pay homage to the best character in it, Voldimort. We had a quote on the front, and a picture on the back. Because of these t-shirts, we were able to be in a pre-show video, and a post show video with none other than Joe Moses! We also were able to get a picture with Bonnie! Anyway, the musical was amazing and hilarious (available to watch on Youtube November 13!!!). After the play, we were trying to see if there were any cast members we could say hi to, particularly the hot ones. 😀 Anyway, not to keep rambling on you, but that was Friday night and I am still really geeked about it!!! Long story short, we ended up meeting Darren Criss, Joe Walker, Bonnie G., Joey Richter, and Joe Moses from the AVMP cast. I think I am going to post the pictures that we got at the bottom of this post. 🙂 Unfortunately, we were only able to get pictures with Darren and Joe W. but we got a hug from Joey, a picture with Bonnie, and two interviews with Joe Moses. All in all we had an amazing night, which I will never forget. Oh, and one more thing, driving back to campus after the play, we almost got lost because we missed a road sign due to our heads all being up in the stratosphere! 😀 That is all for now. To read more of my adventures, keep connected!



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