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So I am hoping this post gets attention by Twilight fans. I have just recently been inducted full force into the Twilight fan club and wow what a rush! I have now had Twilight in my possession for less then 48 hours and have almost finished it already. Now don’t get me wrong, I would have finished it much sooner, and probably be done with book two by now if it weren’t mid-terms week here at school. As it is, I am needing to keep the book in my room, and run fast to the library so it cannot follow me! 🙂

My only problem with the book so far, and it is not a huge issue, I kinda like it, but I have an overactive imagination. So when I read about a character who I want to be alive as much as I do for Edward Cullen, he starts to follow me around. Not literally, but in my mind, I see him walking next to, or behind me on the way to class, or sitting next to me at the library. I think I am going a little crazy! But then again, my friends are assuring me that it is completely normal, at least to them, to have a stalker from Twilight series. 🙂

Well, me and Edward have to go do some laundry now and continue to do homework. Until next time!

P.S. If you are reading this, and like it, agree, or disagree with me, comment! I would love to know how other people deal with any Twilight stalkers 😀



Hello Blogging World!!

This is my first blog ever so be nice 🙂

My name is Nicole and here are some quick facts about me: I am a college student in my junior year and I am studying Advertising. I hope to create memorable, but effective commercials. Similar in quality to superbowl commercials, but have them for everyday viewing. Lets see what else…oh yeah, I am being introduced to many different fantasy worlds all at once. Such as Harry Potter, and Twilight. My friends thought that I could not live without being exposed to them. I am a self proclaimed nerd and geek. I love playing with computers though my favorite OS is Snow Leopard, that is until mac’s new one comes out 🙂 I love to talk to anyone who will put up with me about Lord of the Rings and Star Wars and anything technical related, just as long as it does not get to much into computer science stuff. That is where I get lost.

Well world, I must get back to studying for my Communication Theory midterm that is on Wednesday, but if you are reading this, please comment and let me know that I am not just rambling on in cyberspace 🙂 Also follow me if you actually can understand what I am talking about and somehow enjoy it.

Until next time!


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