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   Alright, here is the warning again, this will have spoiler's! If you don't like them, or havn't seen the movie yet, stop reading now!

I do hate being the bad guy, but I hate people that complain about a review of a movie saying that thery are spoilers, after the warning has been made already…

Anyway, Alice in Wonderland…

I went to the midnight showing, and decided to get there an entire hour earlier, having gone to this same theater for the New Moon premiere


Sorry those who follow me and have been waiting for another post…It has been an insane couple of weeks.

Anyway, this post is dedicated to the overnight sensation we know as General Larry Platt and his amazing sone titles Pants on the Ground. If you are completely lost and have no idea what I am talking about then click here —–>, watch it, then com back to read the rest of this blog.

So as most people know by now, Pants on the Ground along with General Larry Platt have become an overnight sensation. In case you don’t know the lyrics to the song either, I provide them here:

Pants on the ground
, Pants on the ground, 
Lookin’ like a fool with your pants on the ground.
With the gold in your mouth
. Hat turned sideways
. Pants hit the ground. 
Call yourself a cool cat. 
Lookin’ like a fool
. Walkin’ downtown with your pants on the ground.
Get it up, hey!
 Get your pants off the ground. 
Lookin’ like a fool
. Walkin’ talkin’ with your pants on the ground.
Get it up, hey! 
Get your pants off the ground
. Lookin’ like a fool with your pants on the ground.
(Repeat second verse)

So, for those who are on Facebook there is a group dedicated to everything relating to “Pants on the Ground” That link is here —-> Join it and spread the love of pants on the ground to your friends.

Ok this post is taking a different direction then I originally intended. I intended to give my opinion on the infamous clip itself, give my opinion on people that wear their pants on the ground, and then give you all pictures that I found were epic.

So the clip, in a few words….is Amazing! I mean, c’mon a 62 year old guy singing about all the sagging pants in today’s society and then doing the splits! epic! My opinion on people that wear their pants hanging off their butt? “Git it up!” It is not sexy at all, if anything it is a complete turn off.

Alright and the last thing I promised to all of you is the various epic pictures. Enjoy!

And that is all for now people. Until next time. Keep your pants off the ground!

Ok, so I was realizing that I had not made a post in a while, so I am coming out of my sleep deprived, test fogged brain state to write a new one for you guys.

I have no idea how much anyone has read or had been following about the British Airlines going on strike, but yesterday, at least I think it was, the British airlines went on a complete strike. I am not sure what about, or what they are wanting…I probably should go research that….but they are not operational at this point. I first heard about it because I follow Tom Felton, the British actor who plays Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter, on Twitter. he tweeted earlier in the day that he was stuck in the airport because his flight might be canceled. Then about an hour later, he tweeted again that he was definitely stuck because British airlines had gone on strike and how there was no way he could get to Miami now. Of course I felt for him in his situation…

Then to top that whole twitter news source off, I also follow the website (which is one of the best websites ever might I add) and this is what they tweeted a few hours ago putting in their comment about the strike. “I hope plenty of postmen were intending to fly British Airways this Christmas. See how they like it.” I thought that was genius and thought I needed to share.

Second topic, finals and the end of semester. Those who are in college or who remember that time in their life should remember the experience of this time of the year….You are excited about the holiday season, going home to see your family, and of course the semester ending, but you just wish it did not have to come with final projects and exams. This is where I am at right now. It is driving me crazy. I am taking 18 credits this fall, and our exam schedule starts…well tomorrow morning actually, and goes until Friday. So we have all semester to freak out, and then it is over in the span of three days. Am I the only one who finds this odd? Oh well.

So….because it is the last few days, I cannot think of anything else to talk about at this point, so I will sign off for now. I hope my readers have a Merry Christmas and enjoy the time with their families. I will post again after the new years…so Happy New Year as well 😀

Ok, so not much has happened in the last few days except for Thanksgiving, watching some amazing movies, namely The Proposal, and The Ugly Truth, picking out a song for an upcoming musical audition, and just general lounging.

So, the main reason behind this new blog is to show two amazing pictures that I found. The first one I got from the amazing Josh Groban. He posted a tweet a few weeks back from his hotel room. The caption that he put with it was “Do you ever get the feeling that you are being watched?” I decided that I needed to take this picture and share it with everyone simply because of its sheer awesomeness.

So and then I found another one. When I was blogging about New Moon in a previous post, I was looking for different pictures on Google to help illustrate different things. Well if you read that blog, you will see that I have the title screen of New Moon. When I searched for the image, I got a lot of pictures of the moon, some stills from the movie, and then I got something totally unexpected. And it is something that needs to be shared with you as well.

So what does this picture have anything to do with New Moon? I have no idea whatsoever. I didn’t go to the website to see what the page was about that this picture was on, but I was just in shock from seeing this picture in the search.

Ok, so that is about it for this blog, but leave comments if you read this blog so I know that I am at least somewhat interesting with the things I am writing out here. Until next time!

Quick update on this since it is not enough information to go into one post by itself, but I was looking through the latest tweets of David Slade who is the director Eclipse, and he had tweeted this picture along with the caption, “there should be fines issued for this kind of photoshop abuse” I am not sure that I agree, though it makes total sense. But I did know I had to share this with everyone…so here it is…:D

Alright, here is the second part of the blog about signs. This will finish them up for this time at least until I find more that I can share with everyone. Have fun!

Please comment I would love the feedback 😀

If it is not in use, then why is it there?

if there is a sign, is there not already a problem?

invisible what? People?

hahaha wow

where are we not supposed to swim?

where am I supposed to park my flying car?

what to say about this one...?


to..ease congestion?

keep left...when there is a huge hole there?

have fun with this one

hahaha wow

evil construction workers..

even though this is not a sign, it is still amazing

how do I get in?

better hope it is not to serious

I am glad they made it plain

watch out for those dangerous gravestones

All customer complaints should be taken care of this way

I hope they have a cell phone

Thanks to whoever made this bilboard

poor cockroaches...:(

what is this gate guarding?!

does this guy still have his job?

bummer, I wanted to cross when cars were moving

does the local trafic have flying cars?

only in America

but...I don't speak dog!

but I already gave my arm and leg last time I got gas!

can buggies go 55?

fine failure

Ok, so I was on Twitter, and there was a trending topic of pointless signs. This gave me an idea to go around collecting amazing signs and to put them in a two part post for all my readers. So I found them, and here they are along with my comments to each of them.


is rain supposed to be dry?


my car will be fine though...

my car is supposed to work underwater thought

good luck figuring it out

I won't trespass on this property

it is a traffic light tree!

But I wanted to jump in the toxic waste!

this makes me want to throw a stone at it

haha wow


only in America

is this person dislexic?

where is the snow here?

I hope that people understand this sign

what do I need to obey?

isn't the bridge being out more important?

which sign do I follow?

we need a sign to let us know about a sign?

so if you need access, then you can get through?


really? I couldn't tell

Parking for a drive through pharmacy?

penguines? are they the ones from Madagascar?

it is the other left?

I thought it was purple!


which one do I follow?

which way is the one way?

haha nice


so..if nothing happened then why is there a plaque


Ok, so to all my readers out there who are twihards, or even those who are just sightly interested in the series, this post is for you.

As I might have mentioned in a previous post, I have only been introduced to the series for about 3-4 weeks. In that time frame, I have read all the books, watched Twilight, and then went to see New Moon at the midnight showing. All that is to say, that I might be slightly obsessed and a huge fan. 🙂

So, me and 5 other friends got tickets for the midnight showing of New Moon, and eagerly counted down the days until Thursday night 11/19. (I even downloaded a app for my ipod that was a New Moon countdown) We decided that we wee going to leave around 9:30 to get good seats for the movie that started at 12:01. It was a good decision since by the time we got thee around 10, there was a line to get into the theater, and there was not 6 seats together to be found anywhere. We ended up having to sit 3 and 3 which wasn’t that bad. So, for the next two hours, we hung out, ogled over some posters that were in the lobby, and stood in line for popcorn and pop for 20 minutes.

Finally it got to where we had twenty minutes left. We decided ahead of time that we were going to play the final countdown song as soon as it got to the last 6 minutes left, and then verbally countdown the last 30 seconds.

Finally the movie started..

What can I say about it as a general statement?


So you want to to know more details? Well here is what I liked and didn’t like in the movie. I might choose to pass over things that other people might make a huge deal about, but hey, this is my opinion right?


Opening scene-this scene totally shows that Chris has read the book and totally understands what it is about. The first thing you see following the Summit icon, is a full golden moon. then you see the moon startig to wane and as it does, the new moon title appears in the blackness left behind by the disappearing moon. What you end up seeing is the gold colored New Moon title.

Minor changes to characters- Alright, there are a lot of things in this category. First thing in my mind is that Rob Pattinson has totally nailed Edward’s iconic smirk. The wigs are soo much better than in Twilight. They look alot more natural and are just better in general. Also on the topic of hair, Rob’s hair is so much better because he doesn’t have a wig, but uses his usual hair. But if you have been watching any of the interviews with him, then you already know this.

Volturi- ok one word to say about these guys…AMAZING!!!!!!! They are exactly as I pictured them, and each of the actors, when they are on screen or delivering lines totally owns the shot. Oh yeah, and to get more specific, Michael Sheen as Aro…! Yeah I am still in shock of amazement over what he did with that character. He totally played up on the fact that Aro, at least used to be a gentleman, but no has this evil nature that he attempts to cover. All I know for sure is that whenever he came on screen, the red eyes, the black cape, and the way he talked gave me chills down my spine.

Flashback to Carlisles past: Ok, so if you have read the book, you know that Edward shows Bella the different pictures in Carlisle’s office. Well to portray it in the movie, this is what they did. You cut to a scene where you see Bella and Edward in front of a painting that looks like it is from the 17th century. As you hear Edward telling Bella about the painting, the camera zooms toward it, and you get sucked into it. Inside the painting, you get a little bit of a back story of the Volturi, and a little bit of Carlisle’s background with the Volturi.

Charlie/Jasper/Emmett’s lines: So, in Twilight these were definitely not prominent characters. They take a bigger role in this movie and totally take over the shot whenever they are on screen. Charlie is amazing in this movie, sorry I am not very good with remembering actor names unless I am totally into them. Jasper in this movie is amazing! He doesn’t have that that many lines, probably only like 3-4 lines in the entirety of the movie, but they way they were delivered, and the lines themselves were very epic. And last but not least, Emmett. Like Jasper, Emmett does not have a lot of lines either, but they are genius

cgi: So since the movie basically centers around shape-shifters, you have to have a good element of cgi elements. I personally think that they did a great job on this aspect. Especially the scene when Jacob Black changes in the air. It is a very amazing affect.


Car: Ok, so what about stupid shiny Volvo owner do the people at Volvo not understand? Why does Edward have a  black SUV Volvo? I know it does not have a lot of screen time, but still, Edward needs to have his shiny volvo. I mean c’mon, if you have read the books, you know that Edward loves his sports cars, so why would he be driving a SUV?

Alice’s costumes: Isn’t she supposed to be shopping in Paris and not her Grandmother’s closet? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love Alice, but her costumes in this movie…..yeah just look at the pictures

Edward’s eyes: So, I thought when the Cullen’s didn’t eat, their eyes turned black…Why are Edward’s eyes still golden when he was in Volterra. If you have read the book, then you know that he was starving himself because he was going to die anyway so his eyes should have been black.

Alice’s vision: Bella as vampire: What to say about this scene. We see this scene in the Volturi’s tower just before Alice, Bella, and Edward leave. Aro touches Alice, and is therefore able to read her thoughts. She chooses to show him a vision of Bella and Edward running through the forest to show him that Bella will eventually be a vampire. My problem with this scene, is the costumes. I don’t see either one of the characters wearing these clothes.

Ending: I am glad that they had the proposal in the movie, but where was Bella’s answer?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I am ll for the dramatic ending, but did it really have to cut to black that fast?! I was honestly hyperventilating when the credits started to roll.

Well that is my review. Feel free to leave comments, they would be appreciated.

For anyone who wants to have a more professional review about the movie, you can go to one or both of these blogs. Some of the point are the same, since we all watched the same movie, but they both bring up different things or flesh out the point I made.

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